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Which OneDrive??

Have you ever seen a new OneDrive feature announced and th​ought, "Now which OneDrive is this for?" Yeah, me too. Is it for OneDrive Consumer? OneDrive for Business with Office 365? OneDrive for Business SharePoint Server? All of the above? On this page I'm going to try to keep track of new OneDrive features and which products they work with. The next time you wonder "Which O​​neDrive?" 

You can come back to​ and find out. You can also get updates on Twitter from @WhichOneDrive. 

Feature DescriptionEarliest Supported Client NumberSupport DateOneDrive ConsumerOneDrive for Business on Office 365OneDrive for Business On Premises   Notes
New support for # and % in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business2017-04-06StraightHappySadNotes
New MAXPATH limits in SharePoint and OneDrive17.3.6915.05292017-05-09StraightHappySadNotes
On-Demand Sync (Placeholders)17.3.6941.0614 (Windows 10 Redstone)HappyHappySadNotes
OneDrive support for the Files app in iOS 11iOS 11StraightStraightStraightNotes
New Sharing Features For OneDrive and SharePointStraightHappySadNotes

OneDrive Client list​


Last Updated: 6/17/2017