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SharePoint 2013 October 2013 CU
Build Number​ 15.0.4551.1001/1005
Released ​ October 10th, 2013​ (Foundation) October 28th,2013 (Server)
Release Branch​ RTM (Requires March 2013 PU before installation)
  • Increased several Search limitations. Details in the Software boundaries and limitations document
  • No October 2013 CU was release for Project Server. Links were provided, but they never went live.
Patch History:
Previous​ CU Order Next​​
August 2013 CU ​October 2013 CU December 2013 CU
15.0.4535.1000 15.0.4551.1001 15.0.4551.1511
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Last updated: 12/26/2013