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December 2012 CU
Foundation Released December 11th, 2012
Server Released December 22nd, 2012
Project Server Released December 22nd, 2012
Office Web Apps Released December 11th, 2012
Build Number: 14.0.6131.5001
Release Branch: SP2 (requires SP1 before installation)
Workflow stuck in starting state (Thanks Brian) Fixed in June 2013 CU (14.0.7102.5004)
Server patch was delayed and has a later build number; 6131.5003 as opposed to 6131.5001.
This CU still has the Slipstreaming issue that was introduced by the August 2012 CU.
SharePoint Foundation KB - Download
SharePoint Server KB - Download
Project Server KB - Download
Office Web Apps KB - Download
Fast Search Server KB - Download
Edited May 23th, 2013
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