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February 09
What is a “Dev Tenant” and why would you want one?

My fellow Sympraxian Julie Turner recently published an outstanding blog post on what a Microsoft 365 Dev Tenant is and why you should get one. I’ve been a long time user of Dev or Demo tenants and I find them to be an invaluable resource both for people trying to gain skills in Microsoft 365, but also grizzled old veterans like myself. Like the old saying goes, “The question isn’t whether you have a Test Site, it’s whether you have a Production Site.” If you don’t have a Dev or Demo Tenant to test things in then you’ve just demoted your Production Tenant to a Test Tenant. Don’t be that person. Smile I did a session on the PnP PowerShell today for One of the people there was hesitant to try out PowerShell on their tenant. I recommended they get one of these Dev tenants and hone their skills there.

Be one of the cool kids. Read Julie’s blog post and grab a Dev Tenant.




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Re: What is a “Dev Tenant” and why would you want one?

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Re: What is a “Dev Tenant” and why would you want one?

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Re: What is a “Dev Tenant” and why would you want one?

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Re: What is a “Dev Tenant” and why would you want one?

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