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October 16
Podcast 435 - Be the Idiot

Todd and Shane spend a little time this week joking about the logos that could be on Todd's wall, then move into a review of the Microsoft Business Applications Summit. Shane tells us all of the great announcements that came out of the event. They also talk a little bit about SharePoint and Yammer updates as they wrap up the podcast.

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Podcast 435 - Be the Idiot (Time 0_33_28;09)

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04:42 Top 10 Office 365 Best Practices Every Admin Should Know
12:00 Pat the SharePoint Cow
14:09 MBAS Resources
23:20 PowerApps AI is awesome
32.53 PowerApps Portal
42:30 All MBAS Sessions on Demand
43:00 SharePoint hubs limit raised to 2,000
44:58 New Yammer files in Office 365-connected groups will be stored in SharePoint
45:00 How do I tell where my Yammer files are being stored?

Running Time: 52:17




Re: Podcast 435 - Be the Idiot

very nice info, thanks!
 on 10/18/2019 11:30 PM

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