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November 02
Behold! I Joined Sympraxis Consulting!

Over the few months I’ve been doing a lot of consulting projects, and some of my favorites have been with my long time friends Marc Anderson (blog|twitter) and Julie Turner (blog|twitter). I’ve known Marc since roughly the beginning of time, and met Julie a few years ago when she joined him at Sympraxis. We’ve all been old friends ever since. They’re both developery types and over the last few months they’ve brought me in to help with some projects that needed an admin’s touch. At SPTechCon a couple of months ago we were sitting around catching up and Marc suggested that we put a ring on it and make it official.

What a magnificent idea!

Yesterday I officially started at Sympraxis. I’ll be doing all the same things I’ve been doing. Blogging, podcasting, teaching, and loving on SharePoint and Office 365 every day. Now though, Julie and Marc are legally required to chat with me on Teams during the day when I’m bored. Smile 

I will also continue to be the chief Evangelist for Syskit. I’m going to be staying very busy.

If you’d like to bring Sympraxis into a project, drop us a note on our Contact Page and we’ll get a hold of you.

Thanks to Marc and Julie for bringing me onboard.




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