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June 21
Podcast 394 - Hate Them Right in the Face

Todd and Shane both got new toys last week, and they start off the show gushing over them. They do eventually get into some meaty Office 365 goodness. They talk about a free way you can kick start your SharePoint Online sites, how to secure your Azure AD accounts, how to keep up with all the new things in OneDrive, and a couple of PowerApps videos Shane made. All of that and some love for GDPR, this week on the Cloudy Podcast.

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Podcast 394 - Hate Them Right in the Face (Time 0_27_54;10)

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Running Time: 46:12


01:33 SharePoint 2019 – Something to Look Forward to!
24:21 Introducing SharePoint Starter Kit
28:00 Securing privileged access for hybrid and cloud deployments in Azure AD
32:05 OneDrive Message Center Updates
34:04 First GDPR now Memes. When will it stop?
40:09 PowerApps Random Function
40:10 PowerApps Code Comments
40:11 PowerApps Repeating Tables like InfoPath
42:30 SPS Charlotte
42:35 SharePoint Saturday New England 2018
43:30 Business Application Summit
43:32 SPTechCon Boston



Getting access denied with sp-farm account when executing ps commands in sp-2016

Hi Todd
Iam have sp farm with 4 servers,2 app and 2 wfe's and where  installed sp 2016 .client provided sp-install and sp-farm accounts to install sp.Due to Security reasons they have enabled MFA for their domain and due this security concern we are unable to use these accounts for logging to the servers.where these accounts are part of local administrator group on all 4 sp I used my account for login purpose and ranned sp files with install account using run as different users (sp -prerequisites /binaries/farm wizard@ 4 servers).Is it right approach ?......I don't have another option so made like this .....

So right farm account even part of farm administrators group I cannot able to see all option on CA and cannot able to execute ps commands .could you please suggest me what to do

Thanks in advance 
 on 8/1/2018 3:12 PM

Re: Getting access denied with sp-farm account when executing ps commands in sp-2016

The Farm Admins group is nothing more than Users list for the Central Admin site collection. Putting someone in the Farm Admins group gives them permission to log into Central Admin, that's all. If you can do that, it's working as designed.

If you want a general purpose SharePoint administration account, I've blogged that process here, If you walk through all of those steps you should be good.

Todd O. KlindtNo presence information on 8/12/2018 10:30 AM

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