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January 02
Podcast 370 - Cord Cutting Special

In this special episode of the podcast, Todd and Shane talk about something that they've both started doing in 2017, cutting the cord. This episode is longer, at 1:12 because they talk about cord cutting from start to finish. They talk about why you should do it, how you should design it, and which services and hardware you should use.

If this is a topic you'd like to hear more about, let them know. You can find them at @toddklindt and @shanescows on Twitter.

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Podcast 370 - Cord Cutting Special (Time 0_00_17;09)

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Running Time: 1:12:16


Hardware Set Top Boxes

20:38 Roku Ultra $99 (now $89)
26:00 Roku 3600R $36.99 refurb
27:19 Fire TV Stick - $35
27:20 Fire TV with 4K - $55
19:00 Chromecast
38:40 Tablo Dual OTA DVR $195

Other hardware
31:02 Crappy antenna $25
32:00 Alarm clock - $16
34:56 Antenna I will probably buy - $35
35:00 Pole - $16
40:00 SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT - $80

51:09 List of channels and Services
53:00 List of STB and Services
54:46 Vue
54:30 Sling
54:34 Direct TV Now
54:40 Hulu
1:06:10 YouTube TV

Other Helpers
1:00:52 Plex
1:01:00 Tv Fool Signal locator

1:08:50 Todd's Charity drive.
1:10:18 SharePoint North America Conference
1:11:00 SharePoint Administration Day Camp



Cutting the cord

it was a great show. I am looking for the next cord cutting show.
 on 1/7/2018 2:14 PM

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