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December 15
Podcast 368 - We are Horrible Users

Todd and Shane have a lot of information to share this week. They start out by going over Todd's most recent blog post on how to download SharePoint patches without needing to use your browser. Great for those highly secure server environments. Next they cover a new web page whose sole purpose in life it so be your homepage for all things PowerShell and SharePoint related. Microsoft has renamed First Release tenants, they tell you about that next. They finish up by telling about another way to fill up your server's hard drive with log files, and how your HP laptop might be spying on you.

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Podcast 368 - We are Horrible Users (Time 0_21_00;21)

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Running Time: 31:42


04:55 Downloading SharePoint Patches with PowerShell
07:11 Downloading patches video on YouTube
10:11 SharePoint Server & SharePoint Online PowerShell cmdlets have a new home
13:42 Microsoft has renamed “First Release” to “Targeted Release.”
17:23 IIS Logs to SQL Database using Powershell and Log Parser
23:39 460 HP Laptops have a keylogger built in
27:10 Todd's Charity drive.
28:30 SharePoint North America Conference
29:00 SharePoint Administration Day Camp



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