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November 20
Podcast 363 - It Makes No Sound

Podcast 362 - Went out with a Bang

Shane is on his own this week while Todd is enjoying Slovenia. He takes some time to talk about new things in the tech world like the iPhone X and the Xbox One X. He also tries to decode the mystery around PowerShell's foreach command. Is it an alias? Is it a separate command from ForEach-Object? Is it a furniture polish? Shane sorts it all out. Intel and AMD have formed an unholy alliance, and Shane gives you his take on that as well. It's a packed 23 minutes, so you won't want to listen to this one at 2x like you normally do.

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Podcast 363 - It Makes No Sound (Time 0_18_07;28)

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Running Time: 23:07


05:32 PowerShell Video: ForEach-Object
09:01 Intel and AMD team up
13:32 Azure Cloud Service map
15:21 Netflix phishing attack
20:52 Shane speaking at Cincinnati PowerShell group
33:58 SharePoint North America Conference



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