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March 02
Podcast 329 - Well-known and Irritating to One and All

While Todd basks in the freetime of his unemployment he still finds time to keep up on SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure. This week he and Shane talk about a fantastic PowerShell script Shane wrote to move files around in SharePoint Online. Some new sync functionality is next on the list. Not to be outdone Azure AD adds group based functionality, and SHA1 is kaput! That, and Todd going to the moon, all on this week's podcast.

Join Todd and Shane for their online SharePoint Admin class, March 20th to 24th. It promises to be more fun than a barrel full of weasels. They'll cover SharePoint on-prem, Office 365, and PowerShell. You know, the topics that the cool admins are talking about these days. Check out the syllabus and sign up at

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Podcast 329 - Well-known and Irritating to One and All (Time 0_07_15;14)

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Running Time: 40:25


21:12 Move SharePoint Online Files with PowerShell
24:28 OneDrive to get differential sync in Q2 2017
26:17 Azure AD group-based license management for Office 365
29:37 SHA1 function is now dead
31:00 SHA1 collision breaks Subversion
32:37 SharePoint 2007 EOL October 10th 2017
28:00 Hybrid SharePoint Taxonomy released
35:46 Headed to the moon
38:40 The Shane and Todd Training Show is back
39:02 SPTechCon Austin



Congrats on the podcast series

Just to say this is so good... I added to my list of favorites podcasts.
And also have to say, you guys totally sound like Seth Rogen & Jonah Hill impersonations! LOL

 on 3/9/2017 9:27 AM

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