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June 13
TechEd 2010 wrap-up

Sadly, another TechEd has passed. As always it was a blast. Shane and I had two sessions. One on upgrading to SharePoint 2010, and one on getting up to speed on PowerShell for SharePoint Admins. Due to the magic of the Internet you can watch those sessions even if you weren't at TechEd this year. Just click the links above. Both went over pretty well. The last time I checked the PowerShell session was the highest ranked Office and SharePoint session at TechEd. Just goes to show what bribing your audience with free books can do.

The nice folks at Idera bought 35 of our books and on Tuesday we gave them away and signed them. We also gave away some adorable t-shirts.

We also recorded a couple of interviews with Harold Wong for TechNet Bytes. I'm not sure when they will be published. Keep your eye out for them though, they're pretty good. Here's a snapshot I took on the set while Shane was sharing the SharePoint love.

In our spare time we hung out at the SharePoint TLC and dispensed invaluable SharePoint advice. That and made fun of each other. We also tirelessly pitched our new book, Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration from Wrox. It paid off. It was the #1 seller in the TechEd bookstore Sunday and Wednesday, the #2 seller on Monday, and the #4 seller on Tuesday. That's not too bad considering it sold out…twice! Here are the top sales on the first day:

I also got to meet a lot of people. It was a blast meeting a bunch of people in person that I had previously only communicated with on Twitter. Thanks to all of you that came up and said "Hi." It made the event a lot more personal. J

That's all for my TechEd coverage. I look forward to next year's TechEd in Atlanta.



Re: TechEd 2010 wrap-up

Hello Todd, this is Yuko from the TechNet team. I just wanted to let you know that we have released your video on Bytes by TechNet. Thank you so much for your time!
 on 6/30/2010 12:55 AM

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