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September 27
Simplifying Client Credentials with PowerShell: Add-ClientCredential

If you’ve been around the block with SharePoint or Microsoft 365 administration, you know that handling client credentials can sometimes feel like juggling with fire. When I start a new engagement with a client I generally get credentials to access their tenant. Of course they immediately go into our password management tool. I also do a lot of PowerShell scripting for my clients, so I save them to the Windows Credential store too, so that I can connect with Connect-PnPOnline without having to enter them each time. And while that’s not a lot of work, I thought I could streamline it. That’s why I’ve put together a PowerShell command, Add-ClientCredential, that makes it a little easier.

What Does Add-ClientCredential do?

In a nutshell, this PowerShell command is designed to streamline the process of adding client credentials in a SharePoint or Microsoft 365 environment. It stores your credential for and If you don’t specify any credentials when you connect with Connect-PnPOnline it will look for them in the Windows Credential Store. If you have one assigned for the root of the tenant,, it will also use that for other sites in the tenant, like, if a credential is not saved for that specific site.

Here’s a quick example:

Add-ClientCredential -TenantName "contoso" -UserName

I like this method because then my password will never show up in History or a Transcript if one is running. Since we didn’t pass it a password, it will prompt you for one. Then it will create credential entries for,, and

To pass it a password, do it like this:

Add-ClientCredential -TenantName "contoso" -UserName -Password (ConvertTo-SecureString "YourPassword”
-AsPlainText -Force)

Keep in mind that will show up in plain text in PowerShell’s Get-History, or the Transcript file, if you have that running.

I built in some smarts so that if there is already a credential stored for “Contoso” it will let you know and ask you if you want to overwrite it.

If you want to get super fancy you can add the –TestCredential switch which will test the credentials you gave it by logging in with them. All of this is available if you run help Add-ClientCredential –Examples.

In the background this function uses Add-PnPStoredCredential to store the credentials for you. It adds them for the root of the tenant, and the –admin URL.

How to Get Started

To get your hands on this little beauty, head over to my GitHub repository. You can download addclientcreds.psm1 itself, or clone the whole repo. Use Import-Module to import it into your PowerShell host and you’re ready to go.

Wrapping Up

addclientcreds.psm1 is my attempt to put a little more simplicity and sanity into the world of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 administration. I hope you find it as useful as I do. As always, I welcome your feedback and questions. Drop a comment below or shoot me a message on Twitter @ToddKlindt.




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