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April 15
Calling Microsoft Graph with PnP PowerShell

As an M365 Admin it’s not tough to see that the future is hidden somewhere in the Microsoft Graph. And this particular M365 Admin would like to get there using his favorite tool, PowerShell. Microsoft released the Graph SDK, but it didn’t really scratch the itch for me. I found it confusing and really tough to use. But, as much as I ignored it, the Graph didn’t go away. With increased frequency there would be some little tidbit of information I’d want and the answer would be, “It’s in the Graph.” Grrrrr.

I was poking the M365 PnP Samples and stumbled across this little gem, Authenticate with and call the Microsoft Graph. That looked promising, I can work with that. I fired up PowerShell, loaded the PnP.PowerShell, fired up the Graph Explorer and started working.

It went well enough that I wrote a little wrapper function around it and published it to GitHub. It’s called Get-TKPnPGraphURI and it looks like this:


Get-TKPnPGraphURI -uri

Get-TKPnPGraphURI -uri | select displayName,userPrincipalName,id

It uses PnP.PowerShell, so you’ll need that module installed, and you’ll need to connect with Connect-PnPOnline. From there you can pass it any Graph endpoint, v1.0 or beta. You can find out what the endpoints are at the Graph Explorer.  Right now this only supports Gets. You’ll also have to manually put in any parameters or filters. I’ve added help and examples. I hope to expand them both in the future.

The output is a stand PSCustomObject, so you can send its output down the pipeline however you’d like. Select-Object, Where-Object, Sort-Object, the world is your oyster.

Let me know if this is useful and what you’re doing with it.





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