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December 27
Podcast 414 - Never Spend all of that Money

In this episode, even though Lori wasn’t there to supervise, the boys did a decent job of staying on topic. Maybe Lori is really the problem? In traditional fashion Todd starts off talking about a blog post he wrote on Office 365 group permissions and then some other fun about making SharePoint look nicer. Then Shane chimes in with his needs for a new laptop and reminds you how to fix SharePoint Workflow patches. Finally, they end with something interesting, talking about all of the events you can meet Shane at. A must listen!

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Podcast 414 - Never Spend all of that Money (Time 0_11_10;28)

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Running Time: 49:15


Copying Office 365 Group Permissions with PowerShell
New no code solutions for custom formatting in SharePoint
Modernize your SharePoint pages
Remove Background from Photos
PowerApps and Flow App in A Day
PowerApps and Flow Training
SPTechCon Austin 2019
North American Collab Summit
SharePoint Conference NA



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