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June 22
Dynamic Parameter Validation in PowerShell

Hello, SharePoint and PowerShell enthusiasts! Todd Klindt here, and I've got something exciting to share with you today. I recently had the opportunity to present a developer-focused demo on the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community channel. The topic? Dynamic parameter validation in PowerShell.

In this 13-minute demo, I walk you through the process of creating your own PowerShell cmdlet. This cmdlet allows you to pull and tab through information from a site, list, text file, Azure, Graph, etc. within the PowerShell environment.

I utilize the power of ValidateSet, ValidateScript, and ArgumentCompleter. To show off, the demo concludes with an interesting twist. I used ChatGPT to write the same code.

All the code I used in the demo is available on my GitHub repo. You can find it at PoshPnP and PnP PowerShell.

I hope you find this demo useful in your PowerShell journey. Remember, when you're writing PowerShell, try to be the tool maker, not the tool user. Happy coding!

Watch the full video here.




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