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August 01
PnP Script Sample: Force a User Profile Property Index

Have you ever updated some properties for a user in SharePoint Online, waited what seemed like a reasonable length of time, then did a search for that user? Have you ever done that and found your old values still there? Gah! Me too! Did you then use Mikael Svenson’s brilliant script to fix that? Yeah, me too. A few times.

I’m also a tinkerer, and I love me some PowerShell. So I cracked open VS Code, put on some aggressive music, loaded up Mikael’s code, and looked around a bit. I found a couple of things that I’d do differently. Not that there’s anything wrong with his code, it’s good stuff. But I wanted to so some stuff like turn his code into a function, so I could add it to an existing module I have. I wanted to move the JSON file from the root of the web to the Shared Documents library, innocent little changes like that. And his code had been written several years ago. PowerShell has matured since then, as coders we’ve matured, so I cleaned a few other little things up while I was in there. It was fun, and it kept me off the streets for a while.

After I got done I reached out to Mikael to see if he was okay with me sharing it with all of you. Mikael, being the stand up guy that he is, was totally good with it. Then I reached out to Paul Bullock about getting it published to the PnP Script Samples. I’ve been meaning to start submitting some stuff to that, but I didn’t have anything I thought was worthy. Paul graciously accepted my script, so now you can all enjoy it too.

While you’re there, check out all the other great script samples. There’s some gold in those hills.




Re: PnP Script Sample: Force a User Profile Property Index

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Re: PnP Script Sample: Force a User Profile Property Index

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Re: PnP Script Sample: Force a User Profile Property Index

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Re: PnP Script Sample: Force a User Profile Property Index

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Re: PnP Script Sample: Force a User Profile Property Index

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Re: PnP Script Sample: Force a User Profile Property Index

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