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April 10
Podcast 452 - Just Be Me

This week Shane is busy and Todd is taking over on his own for a while. He is able to share some of the things he's been dying to talk about for a while. Things like a change in the default sharing for OneDrive, Web Apps in Chromium Edge, and then of course focusing on PowerShell 7. Then he talks about the current world crisis and how Microsoft is trying to help. Wrapping up with some talk about Tesla and where he's going to be speaking in the coming months.

Recorded 3/11/2020

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Podcast 452 - Just Be Me (Time 0_13_42;17)

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Running Time: 35:49


02:41 "People with Existing Access" will be the default when sharing a file
Installing Web Apps on Chromium Edge
PowerShell 7 and a Whole Lot More
Office 365 PowerShell Module Installs
How To Use PowerShell ISE Mode In Visual Studio Code
Microsoft Teams Giving Away Paid Features for Six Months Due to Coronavirus
Crisis Communication Power App
Free Supercharging for Tesla Model S purchases
SharePoint Conference
Techorama Belgium



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