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April 01
Office 365 PowerShell with the Omaha SPUG

In these times of uncertainty and trouble we all need something to feel good about. You know what makes me feel good? PowerShell, that’s what. Tomorrow, April 2nd, at 11:30 CDT, I’ll be remotely presenting my fan favorite “PowerShell with Office 365” presentation for the Omaha SharePoint User Group. Even if you’re not quarantined in Omaha, I’d love for you to join me. I’ll be telling you how I use PowerShell and sharing scripts for you to quietly make fun of.

Here is an ICS file to add the Teams meeting to your schedule. If you’re a crazy person and want to throw caution to the wind, here’s a direct link to the Teams meeting itself.

Thanks to David and Amber at the Omaha SPUG for inviting me. I appreciate it.





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