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January 08
How to Connect to Multiple Office 365 Accounts in Edge, without Losing Your Damned Mind

In two previous blog posts I cover how to easily connect to Office 365 with multiple accounts in PowerShell, and in Chrome. Those techniques still work great and I use them daily.

Microsoft will soon be releasing a new version of the much maligned Edge Browser. The new version will be based on the Chromium engine, and along with that it inherits some great functionality. One of those features is Profiles. This means all of the techniques you use in Chrome to manage your Office 365 users works exactly the same. If you are already running the Chromium Edge (lovingly referred to as “ChrEdge”) beta, you can go to t​his page, edge://settings/profiles, to manage the Profiles, or click the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the browser. 

An added benefit of Microsoft’s added touch to the Chromium Profile engine is that you can sync settings with an MSA (Microsoft Account) account like your old school account. You can also sign in with an Azure AD account, which we all have courtesy of Office 365. I’ll blog more about that later as it’s a feature I’m really excited about.




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