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June 04
Podcast 432 - Intimate Podcast

Todd runs the show by himself this week. Talks about a few recent announcements from members of the PG for SharePoint Online, some fun stuff to help admins with flow, and then he covers a few announcements made at Build. He talks a little more about the Ubiquiti network configuration and how that works and then wraps with some of the community events.

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Podcast 432 - Intimate Podcast (Time 0_20_15;01)

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Running Time: 32:23


SharePoint Online Can Now Rename Site URLs
Making lists in SharePoint just got easier
Welcome to Microsoft Search
New Fluid Framework
Companion devices to the rescue – Microsoft Teams
Create A Flow That Finds Your Flows
Create A Super Finder Microsoft Flow
SPS Nashville
SPS Charlotte
Microsoft Business Application Summit
PowerScripting Live



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