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February 05
Podcast 420 - Enhance Your Calm

For the second week in a row Shane joins Todd to talk about things. They start out with a little non-technical stuff reading the card for Todd's birthday charity drive and then talking about purchasing office chairs. Then they move into a lot of technical talk around the Office 365 Issues, managing data gateways, Modern vs. Classic, Teams, Groups, SharePoint lists, and even a little Dropbox before wrapping up with the community events and appearances.

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Podcast 420 - Enhance Your Calm (Time 0_20_16;00)

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Running Time: 51:16


On-premises data gateway management in the Power platform admin center
Modern vs. Classic and the change
The Secret Algorithm Behind Learning
New Teams documentation
Managing Microsoft Groups in Office 365 to Avoid Potential Group Sprawl
Dropbox to Acquire E-Signature Software Company HelloSign
SharePoint Lists getting cooler and cooler
SharePoint Saturday Kansas City
SPTechCon Austin 2019
North American Collab Summit
SharePoint Saturday Omaha
SEF 2019
SharePoint Conference NA



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