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January 28
Podcast 419 - My Tootsies are Cold

Shane decides to rejoin the podcast today. Todd starts off talking about the success of the Birthday Charity Drive. Then Shane and Todd spend a lot of time talking about PnP PowerShell templates and the awesome things coming out of that team. Then they talk a little about some cool stuff announced for PowerApps and related technology. Wrapping up with a tale of woe about Shane's Tesla and some great upcoming events in the community.

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Podcast 419 - My Tootsies are Cold (Time 0_16_16;20)

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Running Time: 51:59


21:16 PowerApps shipped some new UI and CDS functionality
26:45 PowerApps Azure Blob Storage
34:10 PowerApps and Flow Training
48:34 SharePoint Saturday Kansas City
48:54 SPTechCon Austin 2019
48:55 North American Collab Summit
48:56 SharePoint Saturday Omaha
48:57 SEF 2019
48:58 SharePoint Conference NA



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