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October 08
Podcast 404 - I Don't Want to Break a Hip

We start this week's podcast solving the mystery of what the difference between Britain and the United Kingdom is. We think. Then we move on to topics like Ignite, security for small businesses, how to restore delete, and then restore, nearly 100,000 files in Office 365 and some fun in PowerShell.

Thanks to our sponsor and BFF, AppRiver.

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Podcast 404 - I Don't Want to Break a Hip (Time 0_08_48;07)

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Running Time: 53:12


06:09 Different between UK, Great Britain, and England
28:22 AppRiver
40:18 Introducing the PowerShell Excel Module
39:19 PSCalendar by Jeff Hicks
41:21 PowerApps AddColumns ShowColumns
43:38 April Dunnam
44:00 Oklahoma PowerApps and Flow User Group
44:51 PowerSummit
45:53 Launch of PowerApps and Flow Cincinnati User Group
46:21 SharePoint/O365 Administration Workshop with Todd Klindt
47:00 Register here
47:57 SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati
48:28 PowerApps and Flow Training
48:58 Thrive Conference 2018
51:09 North American Collab Summit



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