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October 01
All Day SharePoint / Office 365 Admin Workshop

Want to join me for an all day SharePoint and Office 365 Admin Workshop? You are so in luck! On October 26th 2018 I will be teaching a one day workshop in beautiful, sunny Omaha Nebraska, Peyton Manning’s favorite!

Here’s the official event information:

Are you a SharePoint or Office 365 administrator looking for a fun way to spend a chilly Midwestern Friday? If so, then join Todd Klindt on Friday, October 26th for an all-day workshop on SharePoint and Office 365 Administration. He’ll pack as much administrative goodness into one day as humanly possible. He’s going to cover on-prem topics architecture and administration. Then he’ll switch gears and talk about cloud and Office 365 topics like authentication with Azure AD, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Groups, and other administrative topics. After that foundation is laid down he’ll bring it all together by covering some of the hybrid opportunities there are with on-prem and online SharePoint and help you figure out which ones make the most sense for you. If there’s any time or brain cells left he’ll talk about migration and PowerShell.

The Omaha SharePoint User Group has created this low-cost training opportunity for our community.  While we normally meet a couple hours each month, this day will provide an exceptional training opportunity at a very low cost. 

What a great way to start your weekend, please join Todd on Friday for all things SharePoint.

Technologies Covered

SharePoint, Office 365, Azure AD, OneDrive, Groups


Breakfast and snacks will be provided.  Lunch is on your own.

All of this for only $50. What a good deal! Register now before all the seats are taken and you’re forced to press your face to the window from the outside and watch the rest of us have the times of our lives.

I've had a couple of questions about this. This class is in-person only. I don't think there are options for remote viewing. Sorry to anyone that has the misfortune of not being in Omaha that day.





I think i will attend using my hard earned recycling can money.
IF you need any comic relief, please feel free to include me in the bad jokes!

 on 10/1/2018 5:41 PM

Request Contact

Caught your podcast this morning and am signed up to attend the event on the 26th.  Is there a way to contact you?  Have a SharePoint 365 issue and keep running into walls trying to find the answer on my own.

Thanks - Ember K.
 on 10/3/2018 1:37 PM

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