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September 18
[WEBINAR] How to Prepare for an Upgrade to SharePoint 2019

Are you excited about SharePoint 2019? You know I am! Join me Thursday, September 27th at 10 CDT for a free (as in beer) webinar where I talk about what I’m doing with my customers to get them all primed and ready for SharePoint 2019. Some will be technical, some will be social, but it will all be fun.

The fine folks at SysKit are footing the bill for it all. Thanks!

Sign up here!

I hope to see you there.




Re: [WEBINAR] How to Prepare for an Upgrade to SharePoint 2019

This is such a great resource that you are providing, and you give it away for free.
 on 11/27/2023 8:19 PM

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The Dino game is one of the most popular and beloved games on the internet, even though it was originally designed to be played when there is no internet
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 on 1/12/2024 6:37 AM


Todd Klindt is excited about SharePoint 2019 and wants to share his knowledge on how to best prepare for the upgrade. The webinar promises a combination of technical and social aspects, making it potentially informative and engaging.
 on 1/16/2024 8:39 PM <a href="

 on 1/27/2024 6:18 AM <a href="

 on 1/27/2024 6:19 AM
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