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September 12
Podcast 400 - Drumroll Please

It's the big 4-0-0! Todd and Shane look back at the last nine years of podcasting glory. They also welcome a new sponsor, AppRiver. While they're waxing nostalgically they talk about the great time they had at SPTechCon in Boston. After all that's finished they get down to some tech goodness. They give their review of Bob German's recent posting on how to customize and brand SharePoint Online. The SharePoint Online PowerShell module got an exciting change and they cover that as well. They finish up by talking about the recent Azure outage and some cool things Shane has done with PowerApps and Flow.

Thanks to our sponsor, AppRiver.

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Podcast 400 - Drumroll Please (Time 1_10_24;09) 

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Running Time: 48:49


3:00 Update to SysKit Insights
13:05 AppRiver our newest Sponsor
18:35 SPTechCon Austin 2019
31:20 Branding SharePoint: The New Normal
34:23 Announcing availability of SharePoint Online Management Shell from PowerShell Gallery
43:25 PowerApps Google Maps API
43:26 PowerApps Generate a PDF with a Flow
44:00 SharePoint Saturday New England 2018
46:10 9th Thrive Conference



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