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July 11
Podcast 395 - California is Jealous

In this episode you cannot win for losing. Todd took the week off. Yay! But Jonathan Mast filled his spot as microphone hog reducing your time with Shane. Boo! The good news is Shane and Jonathan have some great chats about Azure and SharePoint and how the landscape has changed for the better. For news there is some fun around Sensitive Data types in Office 365, Microsoft Teams adding archiving, and PowerApps Repeating tables. Even with all of the things working against him, Shane manages to create another awesome show!

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Podcast 395 - California is Jealous (Time 0_15_09;24)

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Running Time: 39:31


New GDPR sensitive information types help you manage and protect personal data
Microsoft Teams can now be archived
PowerApps Repeating Tables like InfoPath Part 1
PowerApps Repeating Tables like InfoPath Part 2
PowerApps Repeating Tables like InfoPath Part 3
SPS Charlotte
SharePoint Saturday New England 2018
Business Application Summit
SPTechCon Boston



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