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June 13
Podcast 392 - He Who Shall Not be Named

No Shane this week, so Todd is at the helm serving up some podcasting goodness. He starts off talking about Microsoft buying Github. Then he digs in to a bunch of great Office 365 topics. How to keep up with your DNS records, new SharePoint cmdlets, how to get a free Office 365, and why you should start your day at All of that, and no Shane. Everybody wins.

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Podcast 392 - He Who Shall Not be Named (Time 0_00_38;15)

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Running Time: 38:28


10:14 Microsoft Bought GitHub and the Clippy Jokes Escalated Quickly
11:26 Best practices for using assigned Office 365 DNS records
19:03 New SharePoint Online Management Shell
20:22 PnP PowerShell
23:51 Office 365 Developer Subscription
29:19 SharePoint install error about .Net 4.5
32:07 Microsoft sinks data centre off Orkney
35:50 SPS Charlotte
35:51 SharePoint Saturday New England 2018
36:36 SPTechCon Boston



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