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April 19
Podcast 385 - Extension Cord on the Wireless Keyboard

Today's show is full of great tech topics. Shane and Todd cover Tesla and a how Microsoft is getting rid of passwords (not really). They cover Office 365's new multi-geo support, and how secure your data in the cloud is from the government's prying eyes. Then Shane doesn't mean to go off on a rant, but he goes off on a rant about deceptive headlines and how it grinds his gears. All that any why politicians might not be as out of touch about technology as you think they are.

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Podcast 385 - Extension Cord on the Wireless Keyboard (Time 0_03_24;15)

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Running Time: 49:08


09:54 Password-less Sign-In to Windows 10 & Azure AD using FIDO2 is coming soon
18:25 Multi-Geo Capabilities in OneDrive and SharePoint Online in Office 365
20:48 Supreme Court rules Microsoft privacy dispute moot
21:00 Supreme Court Drops Case Pitting Justice Department Against Microsoft
25:37 Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch calls foul on media coverage of Zuckerberg hearing
37:30 Cisco Spark is now Cisco Webex Teams
43:32 Getting started with Azure SQL DBaaS
43:35 Build a PowerApps Quiz app
44:00 Creating AD User from a template with PowerShell
45:19 Cloud Friday Nashville
45:20 ​SPS Nashville
45:30 SPS Montreal
45:45 SPS Charlotte
45:49 SharePoint North America Conference
45:50 SharePoint Administration Day Camp
46:00 SPTechCon Boston



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