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April 12
Podcast 384 - Don't Compliment the Messenger

Shane's got a new job, and that's how they start out this week's podcast, talking about Shane's new endeavor. After that they talk about Todd's trip to SPS Omaha, and how much fun he had. After all of that they talk about new OneDrive functionality that will help you combat ransomware, new patches for SharePoint, Office 365 endpoints, Windows 3.1 File Manager on Windows 10, and of course, a word or two from Shane's newest love, PowerApps. All that and more this week on Todd and Shane's Cloudy Podcast.

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Podcast 384 - Don't Compliment the Messenger (Time 0_01_25;09)

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Running Time: 50:41


05:00 I got a new Job, PowerApps911
18:00 Restore your OneDrive
22:00 Announcing: Office 365 endpoint categories and Office 365 IP Address and URL web service
24:00 Windows File Manager (WinFile) is Open Source
26:00 File Manager Primer
27:00 New version of Microsoft's SharePoint Migration Tool
29:00 Download Microsoft SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool
00:34 PowerApps Password Screen
35:00 PowerApps SharePoint Columns
36:00 PowerApps Patch Function
40:00 Pocket Casts Desktop for Windows 10 is a fantastic podcast app
46:00 SPS Vancouver
47:00 Cloud Friday Nashville
47:00 ​SPS Nashville
47:00 SPS Montreal Call for Speakers
47:00 SPS Charlotte
48:00 SharePoint North America Conference
48:10 SharePoint Administration Day Camp
48:20 SPTechCon Boston



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