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February 27
Podcast 377 - Need a Bigger Coffin

In this week's Podcast Todd and Shane cover the solution to a Search problem Shane had. The answer was on Todd's blog! Then they talk about Modern SharePoint, and why YOU should care. Then they veer a little off topic and talk about mobile connectivity. Shane talks about 5G access from AT&T, and Todd talks about another Raspberry Pi project he's been working on to help his connectivity while he's on the road. They finish up talking about some videos Shane has done, a big break for Bill Gates, and a toilet that flushes itself by the sound of your voice.

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Podcast 377 - Need a Bigger Coffin (Time 0_00_20;05)

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Running Time: 47:57


Search Issue
What is Modern SharePoint and Why Should I care?
5G coming to a dozen cities this year from ATT
Raspberry Pi travel AP
PowerApps Visual for PowerBI
PowerShell Create a Scheduled Task
SharePoint and starting your migration
Alexa controlled Toilet
Bill Gates to cameo on Big Bang Theory
Windows Phone is dead
Be smart with websites
Cloud Friday Nashville
SPS Nashville
SPS Montreal Call for Speakers
SPS Charlotte
SPS Vancouver
SPS Omaha
SharePoint North America Conference
SharePoint Administration Day Camp
SPTechCon Boston
SPTechCon Call for speakers



SharePoint Collab in Branson, Missouri

Was there a reason this event was not mentioned.  I just realized I missed it and it looked like one I would have liked to go to?  I rely on you guys.
 on 3/5/2018 5:18 AM

Re: SharePoint Collab in Branson, Missour

Thanks for leaving a comment. Until recently we only promoted conferences that Shane or I were presenting at. Neither of us were going to Branson, so we didn't mention it. Since we've started adding the Community Corner we've started mentioning conferences we're not at. Branson should have been in that list. We'll try to do a better in the future.

Todd O. KlindtNo presence information on 3/5/2018 7:24 PM

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