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October 05
Podcast 358 - Blue Everything Else

Back in their respective homes, and mostly recovered from Ignite 2017, Todd and Shane fire up the webcams and record another great podcast. This week they cover the SharePoint announcements made last week at Ignite. They touch on fun topics like the new SharePoint Migration Tool, the SharePoint Admin Center, Hub Sites, and security in OneDrive and SharePoint Online. They also like the lower third that the Ignite staff used last week, that they stole it for their very own.

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Podcast 358 - Blue Everything Else (Time 0_10_22;00)

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Running Time: 41:18


12:05 Get Microsoft Ignite session information or contents
17:03 SharePoint Topics announcement at Ignite
21:26 The SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft
26:31 The new SharePoint Admin Center
28:02 SharePoint hub sites new in Office 365
31:05 Security you can trust, control you can count on with SharePoint and OneDrive
37:25 SPS Cincinnati
38:02 Thrive Conference
38:25 Shane speaking at SoCal User Group
39:14 SharePoint North America Conference



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