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July 27
Podcast 346 - Moose Capoose

In this episode Todd calls from the edge of the earth and does the podcast with Shane over his phone. They discuss Shane's new PowerShell script and accompanying video on how to move file shares to SharePoint Online. You can check it out on his YouTube channel. Todd was busy making videos too. His was on adding custom domains to Office 365. They finish up talking about SharePoint Search, Ready Player One, and the exaggerated death of MSPaint.

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Podcast 346 - Moose Capoose (Time 0_03_53;10)

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Running Time: 42:26


10:48 Moving Files or entire File Shares with Metadata to SharePoint Online
14:35 Video: Add a Domain to Office 365
26:11 Features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
28:58 SharePoint Search Query Tool on Github
30:32 Ready Player One trailer
34:10 Chipping your employees
39:05 PowerShell Training is your Friend
39:52 SharePoint Exchange forum
40:23 Microsoft Ignite
40:47 Thrive Conference



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