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July 25
I’m Speaking at Ignite 2017

I do love autumn and smell of tech conferences. This fall is a busy one. I’m going to be all over, but I did want to let you all know I’ll be at Microsoft’s big Ignite shindig in Orlando. Go ahead and sign up and block off September 25-29 on your calendar now. While you’re at Ignite join Jason Himmelstein and me for our session, SharePoint Server 2016 migration in the real world: How to avoid making our mistakes. While Jason and I both firmly have our heads in the cloud these days, SharePoint Server is still our first love. In this session we’ll talk about migrations to SharePoint Server 2016 we’ve taken part in and what things we’ve screwed up. It promises to be a good time, swing by.

I’ll also be doing my weekly podcast live from the Expo floor. I’m also going to try to get some other slots at their podcasting booth. The camera loves me. Smile

If you’re going to be at Ignite and you want to get together, send me an email to I usually try to schedule a breakfast or lunch with my podcast listeners, but I would love to meet anyone, whether they suffer through my podcast or not. If you’re going to be around, drop me a line.

Added 8/24/2017

Here are the dates and times:

Live Podcast – Monday 5:00 PM - OCCC Southside Restaurant

SharePoint Server 2016 migration in the real world: How to avoid making our mistakes – Thursday 2:15 – 3:30 - OCCC W315

Added 8/25/2017

Tech Community discussion page

See you at Ignite,




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