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May 25
Free Office 365 Security and Compliance Webinar

As IT Pros our jobs have always been changing, but the rate at which they’re changing now is almost unprecedented. I’m glad I’m wearing my seatbelt. As we make the transition to Office 365 one of our new responsibilities, or a larger responsibility is Security and Compliance. You may have been able to avoid it in the past, but you may not be so lucky in the future.

So where can an on-prem SharePoint admin get a start with it? I’m glad you asked. Smile On Wednesday May 31st, the nice folks at are putting on a webinar where Shane Young and I will be talking about the processes and technologies you’ll need to get familiar with. We’ll cover the basics and show you some tools to get you started. And maybe we’ll find some time to make fun of each other too.

How can you get all of this fun and information? Point your favorite web browser at this registration page and you’ll be all set.

I look forward to seeing you.




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