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April 11
PowerShell Training with Me

Are you a SharePoint or Office 365 admin that wants to take their PowerShell mojo up another step? Are you a Windows admin that knows they need to master PowerShell but don’t know where to start? Are you someone with a lot of time on their hands and want to spend some of their employer’s training budget? Have I got good news for you! Shane and I are putting on two 90 minute PowerShell classes on Thursday April 20th. Shane will take the first session where he’ll cover how to get PowerShell set up exactly the way you’d like as well as a foundation of the core cmdlets you should know and love. He’ll also help you understand PowerShell scripts that you steal learn from on the web.

Then I take the wheel for part 2. I’ll cover looping techniques to help you make the most of those delicious objects that PowerShell serves up for us. Next I’ll move on to how to deal with a variety of files, both writing to and reading from. I show you how to write your first scripts and how to securely deal with passwords. For my big finale I’ll show how to do some basic Active Directory tasks.

I know, I know, this seems like a lot to take in in two 90 minute sessions. To help out with that we’re going to record both sessions and make them available for 30 days. We’re also going to provide each student a file with all the examples we run during the class. And of course you’ll be able to ask questions like during the class and you’ll get to enjoy all the Shane and Todd banter you can stand. Shane will also autograph any undergarments that are requested.

Each of these sessions are only $99 each. You can sign up today at




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