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February 23
Podcast 328 - Hello Kitty Lunchbox

Todd and Shane start out slowly, talking about Batman and unemployed life. Then we get into meatier topics like Conditional Access in SharePoint Online and DOD Level 5 PA. We also discuss some exciting new additions to copying files in SharePoint Online. Then we cover our second love, PowerShell, and talk about how to securely save passwords, and a new place to find the PnP PowerShell cmdlets.

Join Todd and Shane for their online SharePoint Admin class, March 20th to 24th. It promises to be more fun than a barrel full of weasels. They'll cover SharePoint on-prem, Office 365, and PowerShell. You know, the topics that the cool admins are talking about these days. Check out the syllabus and sign up at

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Podcast 328 - Hello Kitty Lunchbox (Time 0_15_15;26)

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Running Time: 39:03


11:44 The Shane and Todd Training Show is back
17:10 Bill Baer gives an overview of Conditional Access Policies with SPO and OneDrive for Business
19:10 DOD Level 5 PA granted for Azure and O365
21:26 Three new improvements for OneDrive and SharePoint document libraries
23:59 PNP PowerShell cmdlets now on MSDN
25:00 Video: Install PNP PowerShell for SPO
26:34 Managing Usernames and Passwords for PowerShell
30:37 Water Jug Fitness YouTube Channel
36:37 SPTechCon Austin
35:28 The Shane and Todd Training Show is back



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