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February 20
Podcast 327 - Daily Grind of the Common Man

Todd starts off this episode talking about a change in his career. After a good cry, he and Shane pick up the pieces and talk about a new webpart coming to SharePoint Online. Then Shane talks about some new security and BI functionality coming to Office 365.

In bigger news, Todd and Shane announced their next online SharePoint Admin class. It's March 20th to 24th. It'll cover all the fun SharePoint on-prem and Office 365 topics that the cool admins are talking about these days. Check out the syllabus and sign up at

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Podcast 327 - Daily Grind of the Common Man (Time 0_59_40;00)

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Running Time: 45:41


03:57 Time Marches On…
6:00 Lets go treasure hunting
14:04 Learn to use passwords with PowerShell securely
19:13 New SharePoint Online Link web part rolling out now!
27:44 New Office 365 capabilities help you proactively manage security and compliance risk
30:10 Integrate Power BI reports in SharePoint Online
32:40 Don Jones Imposter Syndrome



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