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February 03
Podcast 325 - Poop on That

Hooray for OneDrive! The update to OneDrive is one of the things we talk about this week. We also talk about SMAT, Microsoft's way of telling you you're ready for Office 365. Once you're in Office 365, the FindTime feature can help you schedule meetings. Shane and Todd then get off on a tangent and talk about 3D TVs and cord cutting.

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Podcast 325 - Poop on That (Time 0_01_18;11)

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Running Time: 43:46


08:38 Microsoft delivers awaited OneDrive for Business-SharePoint sync
21:26 SharePoint 2013 Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT)
23:50 FindTime feature of O365
29:47 IOS 10.2.1 for Security fixes
30:36 3D TV is dead
32:43 Cutting the Cord - Taking Control of TV and Slashing Monthly Costs Over 70%
33:00 Episode 177 | Geek Out on Cutting the Cord



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