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December 19
Podcast 318 - Tighter Than a Goose's Patoot

This week's episode covers a lot of exciting topics. We start the show off talking about a great blog post Todd recently published about a bad error message that PowerShell gives you with Office 365. Then we discuss some new things that Microsoft has released, like the SharePoint Migration Assessment tool, and some documentation on DR for Access Services. We also cover the things to consider when using a WAN accelerator with Office 365.

Oh, and check out Todd's Birthday Charity drive at

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Podcast 318 - Tighter Than a Goose's Patoot (Time 0_00_40;26)

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Running Time: 42:03


05:48 Getting “Unable to assign this license because it is invalid” in Office 365 PowerShell with Set-MsolUserLicense when you know darn well it’s valid
14:23 PowerShell 101 for SharePoint friends
17:44 SharePoint Online software boundaries and limits!
20:08 SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool Release Candidate
21:30 Disaster Recovery best practices for SharePoint Server and Access ServiceS
23:30 WAN accelerators not supported with Office 365
26:09 Lawyer talk on the topic
30:22 Microsoft offering more free Azure training
32:45 Microsoft's 2017 Event Lineup

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