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December 02
Podcast 316 - Turn that Frown Upside Down

This week's podcast is hilarious mess of production woes. Shane and I try out some streaming software with disastrous effect. Next week will be better. It just has to be. :)

We get the duct tape out, we fix things and we put on a show. We chat about the changes in the Office Patterns and Practices PowerShell cmdlets, and then we spend some time gushing about how great they are. Whole new countries of people get to enjoy Office 365 this week thanks to Microsoft expanding the market. We deliver the good news to them. We finish up by talking about some shenanigans at Reddit and Shane and I's evil plan to get CNN to buy our podcast.

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Podcast 316 - Turn that Frown Upside Down (Time 0_00_45;24)

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Running Time: 31:46


06:02 PNP PowerShell changing from SPO to PNP prefix
11:03 Office 365 in new markets
13:15 Overly complicated explanation of BI/Excel services changes in SharePoint 2016
14:46 No more public websites on March 15, 2017
19:25 Money pit
22:35 Reddit CEO admits to altering posts
27:23 CNN buys popular YouTube star to build a new way to produce news

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