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August 22
Podcast 302 - Canine Audience

Shane and I talk about how crappy his Windows Phone is, and how it's gotten even crappier now that Amazon has removed their app for it. Then we cover Zero Downtime Patching in SharePoint 2016, as well as some good SharePoint resources in upgrade and architecture. We wrap things up talking about PowerShell, and how to use your tablet as a laptop on your next trip.

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Podcast 302 - Canine Audience (Time 0_00_22;15)

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Running Time: 37:54


Amazon working on a Universal Windows 10 App
Upgrade service applications to SharePoint Server 2016
Video demo of Zero Downtime Patching in SharePoint Server 2016
Shane's terrible videos on installing SharePoint Server 2016 patches
Introduction to Fundamental SharePoint Architectural Models
Nexdock - laptop replacement
Lifetime subscription to PureVPN for just $79!
Find OneDrive Consumer location with PowerShell

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