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April 23
Podcast 287 - Black Art of PowerShell

This week's podcast has a lot of PowerShell topics. But shouldn't any good podcast? I cover how to write good PowerShell functions, the rules and regulations behind PowerShell, and an easier way to use PowerShell with Office 365. I finish up by making fun of Microsoft Edge and talking about my Microsoft Band. I also give a tease on a new gadget I've purchased.

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Podcast 287 - Black Art of PowerShell (Time 0_15_37;05)

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Running Time: 33:59


05:52 - Walkthrough: An example of how I write PowerShell functions
10:52 - Strongly Encouraged Development Guidelines
12:55 - How to get started with Office Dev PnP?
17:22 - Microsoft Edge browser used on over 150 million active devices
20:36 - Microsoft Band 2 can now handle more tiles

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