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January 21
SharePoint 2016 Release Candidate released

Yesterday Microsoft released the SharePoint 2016 Release Candidate to the excitement of SharePoint nerds worldwide. Normally I would tell you all about it right here. Instead, I’m going to tell that today I started writing for the Petri family. I thought the SharePoint 2016 Release Candidate would be a great inaugural post. So, for your clicking pleasure, I present:

SharePoint 2016 Release Candidate Now Available For Download

I will be writing articles periodically for Petri, but don’t fret faithful reader, I’ll still be publishing chewy technical posts here too. If you don’t already, poke around, there’s a lot of good content there.




Re: SharePoint 2016 Release Candidate released

Thank you very much for your information! That is very helpful for me to understand how works.
 on 11/27/2023 8:25 PM

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