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January 14
Podcast 276 - Auctions for Crap

In tonight's podcast we revisit my love for crappy Windows tablets. Then I go into some Internet of Things projects I've been working on. I stumbled onto a smart watch that boasts a 30 day battery, and, AND, a Windows Phone app! At the end I cover some SharePoint patching fun and how to make fancy colorful Excel reports with everybody's friend, PowerShell.

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Podcast 276 - Auctions for Crap (Time 0_15_18;18)

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Running Time: 38:32


04:57 - Todd's Birthday Charity Drive
09:16 - Crappy tablet?
13:35 – Rufus USB drive creator
19:15 - Arduino IDE and Linkit One blog post
21:11 - Vector Smart Watch
24:40 - Official web site
27:20 - Cloud and Federated Search broke in SharePoint 2013
28:57 - SharePoint 2013 Builds List
30:55 - Creating Colored Excel Reports
32:47 - To Attract New Listeners, Podcasts Need to Move Beyond Sound
36:47 - SPTechCon

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