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January 13
I’m Speaking at DevIntersection 2016 in Orlando

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be speaking at DevIntersection in Orlando this April. Of course I’ll be part of the SharePoint Intersection part, not so much the Dev Intersection part. Smile I’ll be doing two sessions,

SharePoint & Office 365 Hybrid: Better Together and Upgrading to SharePoint 2016 Like A Pro with Jason Himmelstein. And of course I’ll be wandering around talking to as many people as I can while I’m there. Along with all the great SharePoint content, there’s a ton of big names from other products, like Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, and Richard Campbell, to name a few. It’s gonna be, as the kids say, “Off the hook!” (They still say that, don’t they?)

You know what would make it even better? You know what would really tip it from “Epic” to “Legen” wait for it “dary!”? You! That’s what.

To show I’m serious, we’ll give you a little off the price if you tell them I sent you. If you Register now you can use my last name, KLINDT, as a promo code. It looks like this:


What happens then? Well, three things, really. First, you’re now registered for a cool conference. Second, you’ll get $50 dollars off your registration fee. That’s on top of any early bird discounts you might already be getting and any of the goodies you get when you register. Third, the more of you that use my code, the more likely it will be that I’ll be able to tell Jason more people like me than him. Everybody wins!

I hope to see you in Orlando in April.




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