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November 25
Podcast 269 - Superiority - Unpronounceable, But Palpable

In this week's episode I get you all prepared for the SharePoint 2016 Beta that will be released some. I also go off on a rant about Windows Phone and its sad, sad app story. Then I talk a bit about how to get the latest Office 2016 bits, and a Windows 10 update that is on its way to your PC as we speak.

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Podcast 269 - Superiority - Unpronounceable, But Palpable (Time 0_16_04;12)

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Running Time: 39:23


15:06 - You can order new Windows phones online
17:58 - Can also order at Microsoft Store
19:04 - No more Android apps on Windows Phone
27:30 - Be an Office Insider
30:04 - Windows 10 Update, on 11/12
34:49 - Use PowerShell to Retrieve Data from the Microsoft Health Dashboard

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