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November 16
Podcast 268 - Don't Go to the Light!

It's good to be back in the driver's seat for tonight's podcast. I give you guys an update on where I've been, and why I saddled you all with Shane the last couple of weeks. Then I try to get all caught up. I talk about Microsoft's change the to OneDrive for Pleasure (Consumer) product. I also talk about the Kangaroo PC I bought, and an exciting update to Windows 10.

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Podcast 268 - Don't Go to the Light! (Time 0_12_26;15)

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Running Time: 43:40


15:18 OneDrive for Pleasure No Longer Unlimited
16:00 - A year ago unlimited OneDrive was announced
21:29 - Lynn Dye's blog post on OneDrive changes
22:06 - Microsoft Work and Play" bundle
24:15 - User Profile Service is SharePoint 2016
25:13 - Kangaroo is an amazing $99 Windows 10 portable PC
25:15 - Damn you Lou Simonetti!
28:43 - Order Kangaroo PC from Newegg
29:59 - Snap Power - Code "thanks10" for 10% off
33:16 - Windows 10 Fall Update

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