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November 11
Podcast 267 - I Demand an Upgrade

Shane brings along some adult supervision in this episode. Jonathan Mast joins him tonight as they cover such topics as Windows hardware, Slack, and Daylight Saving Time. Then they discuss phrases people should stop using in meetings. They wrap things up by celebrating the return of the Microsoft Work and Play bundle, a deal too good to pass up.

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Podcast 267 - I Demand an Upgrade (Time 0_08_46;00)

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Running Time: 50:43


04:39 - Windows Phone Hardware Rumors
09:53 - Surface Rebuild/Office 2016
15:25 - Slack
22:35 - HIpChat / Jabber
23:11 - Phrases Corporate People Need to Stop Using
30:01 - Daylight Saving Time
33:31 - Paypal was down for 2 hours
39:43 - Why haven't you bought the Microsoft Work and Play" bundle?

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